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Here at the Church of God, lives are being changed, families are being strengthened and God is being glorified!

Are you searching for a church that teaches what the Bible teaches and also lives it?

At the Church of God, it’s important to understand both what the Bible teaches and how it should be implemented in our lives. Many people claim a title of Christian but fail to live up to the Bible description of a Christian. Within the Bible, God has outlined exactly how we ought to live but also provides the power to achieve His standards.

Do you find yourself wanting to change your life but are unable to do so?

There is a genuine power found within the Word of God that enables a person to live right. This power enables both men and women to live how God desires. The power found in the Word of God is not unseemly or strange but rather it helps men and women live pure lives.

See for yourself!

You’re invited to see what the Church of God is all about and to meet our congregation – individuals who’s lives God has changed, families that are strong and God receiving the glory for what He has done!

Here are our service times. You can contact us via our Contact page or by phone at: (717) 685-5276.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about what we believe and teach, check out our beliefs page. All of our beliefs come directly from the Bible and those beliefs are lived out in our lives.

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